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 There once was a boy named Rosetto Silverstein. His jet black hair and golden yellow eyes as well handmade birch glasses made him stand out from other people. Rosetto was at the age of five when his mother began to teach him how to play the piano. She would sing and play in order for him to get know each key and how they sounded at least four hours a day. By the end of him being five, he could play as if he were a robot that was programmed. At that time, his mother asked if he could compose a piece for her. Rosetto gladly accepted to do this request. He worked hard on his first piece as soon as he got home from play dates, he worked on it as he began school, he worked, and worked. It got to the point where Rosetto would sleep on the cold hard floor. But, he did it all for his mother. The hard work payed off when he played his first piece during the fall. His mother was surprised, he wasn't bad or good......his piece was perfect. The sound was perfect and how it was arranged was perfect, it sounded like it was coming from an angel.

 Rosetto's mother told him to make a new piece for her birthday that was coming up, and he exactly did just that. Before the day of the party, Rosetto's mother invited everyone she possibly could that she knew to show how good her son was. The next day, Rosetto played his second piece at the party. Everyone fell in love with his talent, including his own friends. By the end of his performance, all of them surrounded him and asked him the question, "Could You Play For Me?". Rosetto looked towards his mother for the answer because all of this attention was overwhelming. His Mother nodded her head yes. And thus, Rosetto would make different pieces of music for every single person that was at the party and play for them. He did this for a couple of years.

 Rosetto at the age of eleven soon gained a huge raise in popularity when he made the decision to play in the school talent show. Everyone was thrown into a new realm of music with their own eyes and ears. It felt like they were walking in a forest. They hadn't heard anyone play like this before. As soon as Rosetto hit the last note on the piano, everyone stood up and clapped and cheered happily. Rosetto felt a good feeling during that moment. As he exited the stage, a man in fancy clothing approached him. He had slick white hair and brown eyes. "Hello,  Rosetto Silverstein. My name is Alexander J. Simmons. I have to say, your performance was amazing. So much so, that I want to show your talent to the whole entire world!" Alexander spoke as he pulled out a paper as well as a pen and handed it to Rosetto. Rosetto read the document thoroughly. “So, you want me to sign this and you’ll share my talent with every single person on this planet? And I can make many friends as well?” Rosetto asked Alexander. “Yes, I will promise that.” Alexander replied. “Alright.” Rosetto said as he wrote his name on the contract.

 During the next few years of Rosetto’s life, he still made his own original pieces of music but instead of playing for a small crowd…..he would play for a massive crowd of over fifty to two hundred people under big roofs at his recitals. His name began to be known all over the country and began to spread to countries overseas. He would play in all kinds of places like Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, and many others. But, the one of the things that Alexander promised to him didn’t happen. Which was that he would make many friends. People only cared for his talent and not him as a whole. He started to feel loneliness at the age of nineteen. As he grew more popularity and attention, the more lonelier he got.

  His pieces started to sound a little bit depressing and grew longer as he hit the age of twenty one. Despite that, his fans still stayed with him as each piece grew longer and longer than the last. And on the day he turned twenty two, Alexander went to Rosetto’s home. “What’s  wrong Rosetto?” He asked Rosetto. “You promised me that I could become friends with many people. But, everytime I approach someone…..they always want me for my talent alone. The friends I use to have are gone ever since I became popular. I’m really lonely in this house, Alexander. I just want someone to visit me and talk to me without asking the question ‘Can you play for me?’.” Rosetto responded as he let his bottled up emotions out by crying. Alexander sighed. “Rosetto, I’m sorry…...but, this is what your fans want from you. They want you to play something for them since they loved you ever since your first official recital to now. I know it’s hard, but they’ll be very sadden if you decide to quit.” He told Rosetto. “I guess they would.” Rosetto responded.

 Rosetto continued to make new pieces of music for about five more years before his last concert during the fall. This piece was the longest out of all of his past works, and it came straight from his own memory. It was a big bunch of songs his mother use to sing for him when he first learned piano. What made this recent work different from the others was that Rosetto sung the lyrics as if he was teaching someone to play the same way his mother did. He left the stage very quickly as the last key was pressed. The next day, he ripped the contract and all copies of the contract apart and moved to a different location without telling anyone.

 During the start of winter, Rosetto started to play the piano again…..but for fun and not for attention. Despite everything that has happened, he is still lonely and wanted someone to cure it.  So, he wished for a son when he saw the brightest star in the night sky. He then went to bed and drifted off to sleep.

 “So, you desire to have a son?” A strange being in his dream told him. “Yes, I want a son more than anything. I want to raise a child, so I can be happy and no longer be lonely. Why do you ask?” Rosetto told the being.  “I’m able to grant many people things that they desire. I can even give you a son, Rosetto.” The being responded. “Yes, please give me a son that I can raise.” Rosetto said. “As you wish, but there’s always a downside to me granting people’s wishes.” The being said. “Do you still wish to have a son?” The being asked Rosetto again. “I still have the desire.” Rosetto answered. “Alright, now wake up. It’s morning now.” The being said before Rosetto opened his eyes to a new day.

  He got up and did his normal morning routine. As he opened the door to check if he had any mail, he saw a wooden baby cradle on his doorstep. There was a note on top of the blanket that protecting the child from the cold. Rosetto took the cradle into his home and read the note. It stated the following, “Take good care of this child, Rosetto. Since, I sucked some of your life force from your body during that meeting of ours. This little baby has your life force in him that’s makes them be able to exist. Their name is Sylvester Silverstein, they have a music box for a heart and a wind up key sticks out of their back. They also have mechanical hands and natural brown eyes and not blue like most babies have when their born. Sylvester will also have brown hair once it starts to grow in.  You need to make sure to wind that key since they’ll technically die if you forget. You have a few downsides to your wish. The downsides of your wish is that technically Sylvester isn’t a boy or girl since they don’t have… know. But, since you wanted a son…….they look like one but technically aren’t. You can use either the they/them or he/him pronouns. The other downside is that you have four years left to live since I took a lot of life force from you and placed it into Sylvester. So, good luck raising them. -The Wish Granter”. Rosetto was slightly shocked, he had a child/son now…...but, he only had four years to raise them. He decided to accept that fact and raise Sylvester the best he possibly could.

  Rosetto started to learn many things he couldn’t do before as he began to raise Sylvester. He would often play the piano and sing for his son as well when he was having trouble trying to fall asleep. He would play with him, feed him, bathe him, read stories for him, teach him how to talk, and take a strolls with him. And in the first time in years, Rosetto felt happy again. He was raising a son and was much happier ever since he wished on the bright star that night. But, he couldn’t help but think of what would happen once he passed away. What would Sylvester do then? Rosetto then decide to plan what he would do before his death. As the time of death was getting closer, he planned more and more. He wrote a letter for Sylvester’s new parents for when the time would come where he would have to leave Sylvester with someone else, he wrote a letter specifically to opened by Sylvester when he is teenager, letters that would be sent to his old friends with one of the letters being his will, and finally a letter to be sent to one of his biggest fans back when he use to be really popular…..specifically sheet music of last ever piece of music that he made and stating that he wants someone to play it.

 “Alright buddy, we’re going slightly far. So, make sure to keep up. Okay?” Rosetto told Sylvester. “Okay, daddy.” Sylvester responded. Rosetto walked the way to where he was leaving Sylvester a day before his death on New Years Eve at Midnight. Sylvester happily kept up with his father. “Where are we going?” Sylvester asked. “You’ll see when we get there.” Rosetto said as they got closer to the house that belonged to the couple. As soon as they were there, Rosetto knocked on the door and waited. Rosetto looked towards Sylvester and then back to the door. The door opened and their stood a man with blonde hair and green eyes. Rosetto took a deep breath and exhaled. “Hello, my name is Rosetto Silverstein. You my name may ring a bell since I use to play for millions of people all over the world. I must speak with both you and your wife about something very important.” Rosetto spoke. “You definitely are Rosetto Silverstein. You have the birch glasses, the hair, and the yellow eyes. So, I'll be glad to let you enter my home.” The young man said as back away from the doorway for Rosetto and Sylvester to enter. Once they set foot into the house, Rosetto took off Sylvester's winter jacket, scarf gloves, and hat off before taking off his own. He then sat down in a wooden chair the couple had. “My wife’s not here currently, so it’s only me right now. So, what do you want to talk about?” The young man asked. “Okay, here’s what I need you to do. I need you and your wife to take care of my son which I brought with me named Sylvester. I have my specific reasons and I think you and your wife would be best suited to care of him while I do the job that I have now.” Rosetto explained. “Okay. But, I must ask …….what are the reasons that you’re leaving him in the care somebody other than yourself? It’s okay if you don’t want to answer.” The young man told Rosetto as watched Sylvester look around the room. “I can’t discuss them with you right now. Anyway, here’s twos letters. One that contains everything that you need to know about Sylvester and why I’m leaving him with you, the other that must be opened by Sylvester when he’s a teenager. ” Rosetto said as he handed the silver envelopes to the young man. Rosetto stood and walked over to Sylvester and crouched down. “Okay, Sylvester. I’m leaving you here since I have important things that I have to take care of today and tomorrow that I can’t take you with them. So, make sure you listen to the man over there and his wife. Okay?” Rosetto spoke to Sylvester. “Okay.” Sylvester said. “I’ll come back for you after the New Year's is over. Stay good for me until then.” Rosetto said. “Okay.” Sylvester responded once again before hugging Rosetto. “I love you, daddy.” Sylvester told Rosetto. Rosetto hugged him tightly. “I love you too, my beautiful son.” Rosetto responded. After the hugs were done, Rosetto put on his winter coat, gloves, scarf, and gloves back on. And said goodbye to Sylvester’s New Caretaker/Parent and then said goodbye to Sylvester. By the time he closed the door, tears started to drizzle down his face. As he began to walk to the nearest postal box, he wiped his tears away.

 As he turned in his letters into the box, he looked at his wristwatch to see what time it currently was. It was still morning, but it was soon was going to the afternoon. Rosetto had to finish his last work of music before time was up, he only had gotten through only half of it since it was his longest piece yet. He ran to his home as fast as he possibly could. He sat down at his working space and began to work on it for the rest day. His goal was to make it sound like the person listening to piece was traveling to different worlds as the piece was played, and that require Rosetto to work twice as hard in order to achieve it. By the time the clock struck four a.m, he had finished his final masterpiece. Rosetto then found a silver envelope and wrote the address for it to be sent to as well as his address before sealing it and placing it on the table. He then went to sleep.

  When Rosetto woke up, he changed his clothes quickly, grabbed the letter, and walked over to the postal box that was pretty close to his home. He sighed sadly as he walked back to his home, it was his last day being alive before midnight. At least he was able to live happy because of the four years he raised Sylvester. When he was inside his home, he walked towards his bookcase and began to read every novel that was on there since he hadn’t read them in awhile. Approximately, there were twenty to forty novels in the bookcase. There were enough to get him through the last hours of life. He began to read one after another, Rosetto spent more time on his personal favorite novels than some of the other novels. When it was getting extremely close to midnight. He decided to end his life with playing piano just one more time. He played one of his favorite pieces he had made and once the last key was played, it was one minute before midnight. Rosetto got up and got into his bed.

 “I guess this is it. Well, I guess I’ve done most of the things I wanted to do in my life.” Rosetto sighed. “I’ll be coming soon, Mom. I’ll be coming soon, Dad…..even though I never got meet you. Just wait a little longer.” Rosetto began speak to himself. “And Goodbye Sylvester, my son. Even if I’m not going to be part of most of your life…..I hope you grow up to be a good person.” He said before he closed his eyes and drifted off into a deep eternal slumber. 
The Pianist By Jason Shacklemore
This is my first deviation. This is basically a short story of the events before the story I will post on here called The Boy With The Music Heart. I'm only the prolouge for that......but, once's it finished. It'll be on here. 


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Hello, I'm Jason Shacklemore (Pen Name). I created this account for the sake of placing my stories somewhere (that's not Wattpad, since that's a dark place.)


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